Dealsmela is a platform which facilitates the promotion of Deals / Discounts provided by merchants. The merchant is solely responsible for the Deals / Discounts offered.

Merchants register to Dealsmela and publish the deals or discounts they provide to customers. Customers can search and avail the discounts on Dealsmela.
As a merchant you have to register in Dealsmela. Then Login as Merchant and post a deal or discount.

Goto Merchant Login section, under merchant register provide your store name, email & mobile number and proceed for registration.

Goto User Login section, under User register provide  your first name, last name, email & mobile number and proceed for registration.

Yes, the registration is completely free of charge.

Anyone who register as user or Guest can avail a deal/discount.

Select the deal you want and proceed to avail a deal. It’s free of charge.

These deals are highly discounted items which are hand-picked by our specialists.

We are not an e-commerce site as we are not selling any products here. It’s just platform where the Merchants advertise the deals they offer and Users avail the deals.